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Style Notes: This trendy black and red lycra abaya is ornamented with broo..
Rs. 4,479.1
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,479.1
Style Notes:This Red lycra abaya is sophisticated, elegant and unique abaya. With unique design ..
Rs. 4,479.1
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,479.1
Style Notes: An exquisite Abaya, by Lvibes! This stylish black and re..
Rs. 4,479.1
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,479.1
Style Notes: This trendy black and Red lycra abaya is decorated with stone..
Rs. 4,479.1
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,479.1
Style Notes:Real Beauty comes out from your dressing style with this brigthening Duel Colour Fas..
Rs. 4,479.1
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,479.1
Style Notes:There's still a chill in the air so slip into Pink Pepper Abaya for a light yet snug..
Rs. 5,533.0
Ex Tax: Rs. 5,533.0
Style Notes:This beautiful abaya with stone is perfect for every ocassion. Ther stone works at s..
Rs. 2,950.9
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,950.9
Buy 2 and get one free!!!!!!!!!!!Lvibes is making a bundle offer to our customers. You need to s..
Rs. 10,539.0
Ex Tax: Rs. 10,539.0
Style Notes:Classic military style Abaya with a regal air. Brass buttons across the bodice and u..
Rs. 4,742.5
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,742.5
Style Notes: Round neck with stylish collar Satin fabric with full length pleats on front a..
Rs. 4,426.4
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,426.4
Style Notes:The unique Kafkan style Abaya with a red lining across all over edges. The butterfly..
Rs. 3,688.6
Ex Tax: Rs. 3,688.6
Style Notes:Our Classic Polo is back in fabulous cotton jersey and this time we have sealed...
Rs. 5,269.5
Ex Tax: Rs. 5,269.5
Style Notes:Gorgeous Pullover (Front Closed) Embroidered AbayaMade with Comfortable and quality ..
Rs. 4,953.3
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,953.3
Style Notes:Sail into Spring with this Black Pintuck Abaya with pretty pleating and natural shel..
Rs. 4,215.6
Ex Tax: Rs. 4,215.6
Style Notes:A beautiful Gorgeous Abaya is perfect for special event. Closed style (Pullover type..
Rs. 2,529.4
Ex Tax: Rs. 2,529.4
I use this new store quality and services are up to the mark.
- Sheikh Ahmed
Great price, quality, delivery. Specially the fitting.
- Nagia S
I have ordered this Abaya, the quality of the fabric is very good. I believe one of the finest Jersey is used.
The quality of the stitch is great.Received my first call within 12 hours. They are very specific about size factor.
- Nagia S